Welcome to NiobelCon

  • NiobelCon has been established in 2007 as an independent consulting firm providing services and solutions to the mining industry, steel producers, metal fabricators and end-users of metallic products.
  • NiobelCon is covering a wide range of topics including alloy design, metallurgical processing and applications for automotive, oil & gas, power generation or structural engineering.
  • NiobelCon cooperates with leading experts, consultants and R&D laboratories around the globe providing best solutions to its clients.
  • NiobelCon’s networking currently covers Europe, North & South America, Greater China, Northeastern Asia, Middle East and India.
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NiobelCon services & solutions

Our activities include consulting and training on:
  • Alloy design and microstructural optimization.
  • Steel processing, in particular forming and welding.
  • Design, application and manufacturing of laser welded products.
  • Problem solving and on-site troubleshooting on metallurgical issues.
  • Technical writing and editing of brochures and documents on metallurgical topics.
  • Organization of technical events on topics of metallurgy and steel application.
  • Assistance in finding experts, specialized equipment or technology.
  • Literature surveys on metallurgical topics.
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